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Food processing, packaging and weighing equipment

We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing components and automation equipment for key players in the food processing, packaging and weighing industries: milk and dairy, soft and alcoholic beverages, meat and cured meat.

Corrosion, resistance durability, performance

We understand how critical the segregation of stainless steel is to our clients so we have special  units dedicated to manufacturing of stainless steel components.  Moreover, we provide metal finishing that suits exact requirements Nouvacam can guarantee high-quality of our fabrications and components which deliver high corrosion resistance, durability and performance over time.

PVC & Aluminium Machinery

Thanks to our vast skills and the quality of our work, we have become partners of one of the most important companies in the construction of machinery for the production of PVC and aluminum frames, to which we offer our “turnkey” service: from production to assembly and testing.

Sanitation and Personal Hygiene

Our GGM unit is dedicated to design, manufacturing and commercialising leading-edge hygiene and sanitation solutions for use in various settings from medical and healthcare environments to retail and workplace applications.

GGM product catalogue presents all our most popular standard products:

  • touchless and classic paper and soap dispensers,
  • trash and paper bins,
  • various trolleys.

Sometimes a standard product does not quite do what you need. We accept this as a challenge and on request modify standard products with our custom designs to create specific bespoke products to your requirements.

Design and construction

Nuova CAM works closely with companies creating unconventional design and construction solutions. We are capable to manufacture the most elaborate metallic products and accessories characterized by elegance, beauty, durability for indoor and outdoor use, like:

  • railings
  • stairs
  • complex metallic structures
Nuova cam