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Nuova CAM: metal fabrication expert

Nuova CAM has more than 40 years of experience in the fabrication of high-quality metal products from sheet metal, tube and box sections.  The materials processed are stainless steel mild steel and aluminium

We work with leading Italian and European customers within diverse sectors, including but not limited to food processing, packaging, PVC & aluminium machinery, personal hygiene and sanitation sectors.


Complete design-to-delivery solution

At our modern facility located in Bastiglia (Province of Modena), in addition to standard metal fabrication services including CNC machining we offer a complete cycle from product design and development, and metal fabrication to surface finishing, assembly and integration, the latter may vary from simple components to multi-part assemblies, modules and entire machines.

We carefully inspect and control products against customers specifications before they leave our premises. It allows us to support our customers with metal products ready for shipping or delivered directly to the end-user. We ensure the highest precision and quality of the production from one-off prototypes and small batches to large volume continuous manufacturing.

Product [design and development] assistance

Thanks to our engineering expertise, and manufacturing resources we are able consistently create added value to our customers. Our specialist in-house design engineers offer a complete product design and development assistance maximizing the product’s function while minimizing cost. They can produce fully specified and engineered product design drawings with more than 95% of price determined at engineering stage.

Supply [chain] management

We can perform as a single -source manufacturing partner and manage the entire supply chain even for customers requiring complex sourcing and production process ensuring high quality, cost competitiveness, and short market lead times

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