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Metal Finishing, Surface treatment and Marking

Metal finishing

Our multifunctional deburring, sanding and polishing equipment  ensure a high quality and uniform surface finish even with complicated materials and large part quantities.

Surface treatment

We are able to offer a large number of surface treatments (zinc electroplating, anodising (both decorative and hard), pickling, passivation, bead blasting, electropolishing, powder coating, wet paint, heat galvnization) through a network of carefully selected and trusted suppliers. They are still are subject to rigorous quality standards and checks and products undergo a full inspection before being dispatched.

All of our surface treatments are fully RoHS (2002/95/CE) compliant, ensuring the processes used are free from any hazardous substances and compliant with the latest EU standards.

Surface treatment is a crucial phase in our design-to-delivery service. It allows us to ship product directly to the end-user.

Product Marking

We use advanced in-house equipment to professionally laser mark, etch and  engrave all metalls and plastics based on the customers requirements. For mild steel we offer dot peening solutions as well.

If you have any other special requirements we pride ourselves on finding solutions.